onsdag 2. august 2017

Zakharchenko promises to conquer Kiev

The Head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, said that the DPR military are still going to seize Kiev. He said this in an interview with Zakhar Prilepin, writer and political instructor of one of the DPR units.
"People can say to me - you were going to seize Kiev, weren’t you? But I do not change my position - I'm going to seize it. I did not mention the date, did I?" Zakharchenko said.
He added that representatives of the Ukrainian forces are constantly threatening the republics of Donbass with their offensive.
"We have repeatedly heard statements from both our ardent opponents and our 'supporters' that we can be demolished in three days, four days, forty minutes... Yet they have been doing it for three years unsuccessfully," the Head of the DPR noted.
Zakharchenko has repeatedly announced large-scale offensive operations by DPR Armed Forces. On March 15, he stated that the state border of the Republic could soon pass through the Dniester River. According to him, the final borders of the DPR will be established when "we will decide that this is our land."
DONi News Agency