fredag 15. desember 2017

Canada approves lethal weapons supply to Ukraine

Canada has introduced Ukraine into the list of countries to whom it is allowed to sell Canadian automatic weapons. The corresponding information was published on December 13 by the Canada Gazette, which is the official publication of the Canadian government.
"The list of countries to whom it is allowed to sell lethal weapons is changing in connection with the addition of Ukraine in alphabetical order," the statement said. "The amendments come into force on the day of its registration [December 13, 2017]."
The document notes that applications for the import or export of goods, according to national legislation, are considered by the Government of Canada on a case-by-case basis in accordance with Canadian international and defense policies. At present, this list includes 39 countries, most of whom are members of NATO.

Earlier it was reported that Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau after the meeting with President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko did not exclude supplies of lethal weapons to Kiev. Since 2015, within the Unifier operation in Ukraine there are about 200 instructors from Canada. They are training soldiers and officers of the Ukrainian army.
DONi News Agency