søndag 24. desember 2017

Trump and his incompetent staff are creating a whole new world.
George Ades E-News sitt bilde.
Not only has Trump introduced us to a "brand new" country: "Nambia," but his Ambassador to the UN would have us believe there's another country called "Binomo" that she is well familiar with and is following the political developments in.

Perhaps that's where the missing 44,000 US troops are to be found. 

"Putin, don't meddle in Binomo's elections; know your place!" -Nikki Haley (US Embarrassment at the UN)

Russia is blamed for meddling in the elections of countries that don't even exist. 

"The difference between intelligence and stupidity, is that intelligence has its limits."

Since the US can no longer get the necessary support for its agenda at the UN from countries that actually do exist, it is inventing "new ones". 
I hope these fictional countries don't turn against them too. 

Perhaps it's time to give Walt Disney's cartoon characters a chance to govern the US; they can't be any worse than these jokers.

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