torsdag 10. mai 2018

Israel and Trump Are Lying About Iran's Nuclear Activity - Good Videos by Lee Camp

Lee Camp does an excellent analysis on US military policy along with the irony that America now pushes baseless accusations against countries like Iran.

Lee Camp is a bit liberal for our tastes on most issues but he really hits it out of the park with his takedowns of US foreign policy.

America is not in a position to accuse other nations of possessing dangerous weapons. The real weapons of mass destruction are those manufactured by the World Police themselves, the American military. Per capita Americans give over $3,000 per year to the Pentagon's military programs.
This fact should infuriate the American public. The American government has long betrayed its people by wasting TRILLIONS of dollars on "nation building" projects abroad while neglecting domestic issues. The EPA for example only receives about 1/100th of the funding that is funneled to the pentagon.

Have the western "journalists" begun to question warmongering atrocity propaganda? Not at all.

Bibis most recent claim of Iranian developing nuclear weapons is as credible as the “weapons of mass destruction” charge previously used against Iraq. That is to say that the claim is not credible at all. The Bush administration made accusations of Iraqi "weapons of mass destruction" back in 2003, despite the fact Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix was unable to find any such weapons.
Maybe it's time for Americans to start questioning the Syrian "weapons of mass destruction" narrative?
Unless they want another Iraq of course.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider