torsdag 21. juni 2018

When hatred becomes ridiculous

Yelena Delville sitt bilde.

It was to be expected that the world cup of football was an opportunity for western journalopes to lash out against Russia. 
But by drooling their hatred they forget that at the time of the internet few fakes resist réinformation networks.

When war erupts in donbass the western media are passing over photos of Russian tanks invading Ukraine... except by finding original and non-focused clichés we observe around them the high Georgian mountains framework of the 2008. Conflict.

On the occasion of this world, American war propaganda "does not change a team that wins" because of fact it is public awareness (Western) despite lies unmasked that the Russian army is in donbass.
Goebbels didn't say "lie, lie there will always be something"

Today the western media are replaying the same pathetic prank by showing hundreds of dogs killed in Russian cities hosting the world...

Too bad because the original photo was taken in Pakistan....
 Yelena Delville sitt bilde.
Another rude lie of the guard dogs of the single thought I can't wait to see really extended in their blood and shit at the bottom of jails as stink as they are.

Via Yelena Delville